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Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung (Korean: 정성하) is a South Korean acoustic fingerstyle guitarist who has risen to fame on YouTube and other sites. His channel has more than 2 million subscribers.

Sungha developed his style playing by ear, and not from written music or tablature. It usually takes him two or three days to practice and record a new piece; more difficult pieces take a week. In a video he recommended the 'all ears method' for those who like his style of guitar playing and want to learn it.

Sungha has won 15 awards on YouTube, including 6 "#1" awards. His arrangement of the theme from "Pirates Of The Caribbean" is his most viewed Youtube video, with over 41 million views. Though Sungha is widely known for his covers, he actually has composed 26 originals.

In 2010, he was featured on Narsha's solo album "NARSHA", and in 2011, he performed in the US with Trace Bundy, as well as touring in Scandinavia and Japan. He has also performed "I'm Yours" with Jason Mraz, who described Sungha as "amazing" and his "hero", in 2013.

Sungha played Ahn Hyeok in the 2011 Korean movie, The Suicide Forecast.

Sungha released his first album, "Perfect Blue", on 17 June 2010. He released his second album, "Irony", on 21 September 2011, and his 3rd album "Paint It Acoustic" was released on 15 April 2013.


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